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Watch Christian Movies at the Journey Dome Theater

A New Way to Experience the Bible

What is Journey Dome?

Journey Dome is a transformative Christian experience built to explore Christianity and Christian storytelling in exciting new ways. Our experience brings classic biblical stories into wondrous new forms including a 30 foot planetarium, VR technology and so much more. Let us transport you through time to experience the stories of Creation, the Book of Jonah and so much more!

Community & Bible StudyAreas


A Place for Reflection

Step out from the planetarium and find a cozy corner to reflect, rest and enjoy. Our space offers opportunities for private and group reflection and bible study


VR Biblical Experiences


Exciting Positive Exploration

Strap on the headset and step into a virtual reality experience like no other. Our VR experiences allow for educational and spiritual explorations


360° Biblical Planetarium


A Multimedia Biblical Experience

A one hour long Biblical Planetarium experience where you are able to feel you are in the center of the story of Creation, the Book of Jonah, the Birth of Christ, and a Reflection Prayer.  



Fort Worth, Texas

6001 Denton Hwy Suite 300, Haltom City, TX 76148

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