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The Road to Redemption | Weekend

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Road to Redemption
The Road to Redemption begins with the belief that God is the One who started everything, from nebulas to nuclei. From there, we follow the story of God bringing fallen humanity back to Himself, from the Tower of Babel through the period of the Judges and constant rebellion that led to the kingdom of Judah into exile to Babylon.

Journey Dome

Journey Dome is a transformative Christian experience built to explore Christianity and Christian storytelling in exciting new ways. Our experience brings classic biblical stories into wondrous new forms including a 30 foot planetarium, VR technology and so much more.

Adult Ticket
Children 4-12 Ticket

Experience Gideon, the Tower of Babel & More!

An Unforgettable Experience For All Ages

360 Degree Projections & VR Technology

About Journey Dome

360° Projections

Step inside an unfortgettable 50 minute show exploring Creation, The Book of Jonah & more

Biblical Storytelling

Everything at The Journey centers around Christian storytelling in new ways. Explore faith in a new way.

VR Experiences & More

Experience Christian VR domes, areas for bible study, and children's play zones.

Explore Faith & See Classic Christian & Biblical Stories In New Ways. An Unforgettable Experience Awaits.